About FAN Campus

FAN Campus (For All Nations Campus) established since 1999 is a rehabilitation institution for victims of drug abuse and behavior management (Behavior Management Shaping), which is under the auspices of the Foundation for All Nations, namely a non-profit social organization (NGO) that moves in the field of non-formal education, specifically changes in mindset, behavior and communication. Although the leaders and administrators work voluntarily, the FAN Campus is managed and managed professionally. The smoothness of the rehabilitation program is structurally controlled, planned, thorough and integrated with the guidance of trained and certified counselors, hand in hand, they collaborate with various experts such as psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors and so on.



Campus applies the Therapeutic Community (TC) method. A system developed by a social organization known as DAYTOP, a non-profit organization with headquarters in New York, United States. This method is very well known throughout the world because of its high success rate. TC practices a healthy and harmonious life in a community that is maintained and full of brotherhood. The TC method also emphasizes the importance of disciplinary training, compliance and responsibility. Thus, students can become tough individuals who like to work hard, but are full of confidence, not easy to give up, but still humble. FAN Campus views the problem of drug addicts as not merely a physical problem, but rather as a matter of interaction between biological, psychological, emotional, spiritual and social.


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